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May Events at the Bullitt Reservation

Barn Birds
May 14, 2011 | 9:30AM
Bullitt Reservation, 332 Bullitt Rd. Ashfield, MA 413.628.4485
Come learn why and how old barns serve as valuable habitat for barn swallows, and what you can do to nurture them while protecting your barn. FREE

Going Green at the Bullitt Farmhouse
May 20, 2011 | 3PM
Bullitt Reservation, 332 Bullitt Rd. Ashfield, MA 413.628.4485
Check out the newly renovated farmhouse at the Bullitt Reservation and see the many energy-efficient upgrades that have turned "this old house" from drafty and damp to tight and toasty. FREE.

Planting Time!
May 21, 2011 | 10AM
Bullitt Reservation, 332 Bullitt Rd. Ashfield, MA 413.628.4485
Planning a garden may seem daunting, but all you really need to know is what you like to eat! We will help you sort out the rest. This workshop will demonstrate planting practices for a variety of garden veggies, as well as thinning, succession planting and cultivar selection. Issues of available light, space and soil fertility will also be covered. Concurrent children’s activities are available. Space is limited to please register in advance. FREE

Putting Down Roots: Garden Planting at the Bullitt Reservation
May 28 & 29th, 2011 | 8AM - 5PM
Bullitt Reservation, 332 Bullitt Rd. Ashfield, MA 413.628.4485
Under the direction of Jim McSweeney, an experienced landscape designer, we will be installing the first round of perennial gardens at the Bullitt Reservation. Come help us plant and learn about native, useful, and hardy plants that can reinvent the way we think about landscaping. Come ready to work outside and get your hands dirty! FREE.

For more information about events, or to pre-register, contact lhazen@ttor.org or call 413.628.4485.



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Town Hall Information
P.O. Box 560
412 Main Street
Ashfield, MA  01330
Ph: 413-628-4441
Fax: 413-628-4588
Monday 8 am - 7 pm
Tuesday 9 am - 5 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am - 7:30 pm
Friday 9 am - 5 pm
Lunch is from noon until 1 pm


Homestead Inc.
Tom Leue
1664 Cape Street
Ashfield, MA 01096
Mailing: Williamsburg, MA 01096
Ph: 413 628-4533
Fax: 413 628-3973
Email: Tilapia@aol.com
Website: www.Yellowbiodiesel.com
Complete Professional Help for all aspects of Title 5 Rules Homestead Inc. has 15 years experience in all aspects of Title 5 rules, the requirement for septic system inspection and subsequent services if required. No one can help you more or save you more money than Homestead Inc.

Mass Call / Volunteer Firefighters Assoc.
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Help Wanted:   Pet Loving People

Pampered Pet Sitting, LLC now has openings for pet sitters, in the Hampshire County area.  Applicants must be reliable, dependable and somewhat flexible. We are hiring for more than one position. Areas that we need sitters:   Ashfield, Chesterfield, Worthington, Whately and Hatfield. Someone able to do multiple towns, would be a bonus. This is a part time, as needed position. Please email for an application and more information. Candy@PamperedPetSit.net.